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Secure electronic document management system to streamline your Revenue Cycle Management!

If accurate billing and accelerated payments are the cornerstone of your services, then paper documents are your weakest link. To truly accelerate claim submissions, shorten receivables time and improve your clients’ cash flow, your business must overcome the burden and pace of managing paper records and forms.


Many of the industry’s premier medical billing companies have broken their dependency on paper records, expensive courier services and paper-intensive internal systems by partnering with eBridge and moving their business processes online.


With eBridge, medical billing providers can:


  • Speed up the revenue cycle by streamlining charge submissions and batch processing


  • Eliminate costly overnight couriers by enabling clients to remotely scan all paperwork


  • Route documents back and forth between coders, clients and even offshore processing companies


  • Establish compliance-friendly audit reports that track access and activity by user and documentAnnotate individual pages with updates or additional info to facilitate faster claims workflow


  • Easily integrate with billing software and other office applications for increased efficiency


  • Organize batches and single documents by index values or keyword searches Increase business without increasing staff or office space


  • Support remote employees and virtual staff with 24/7 access from any location with an Internet connection


  • Disaster-proof operating capabilities by relying on centralized off-site file storage


  • All this without IT staff or the need to buy and maintain costly servers or storage on site. Find out how easy it is to put eBridge to work for you.

Choose the Experienced Medical Billing Professionals.

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