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PracticeAdmin is a Cloud Based Practice Management Software & Hospitalist Billing Solution.



We offer PracticeAdmin (PA) Medical Billing Software as a Cost Effective, High Quality Billing Solution!

The PA Practice Manager Advantage:


Patient Scheduling

  • Scheduling Automatic appointment alerts sent to patients.


  • Patient issue alerts; past no-shows, or existing balances....


  • Scan and upload insurance cards and drivers’ licenses.


  • Confirm patient eligibility..


  • Write and submit prescriptions electronicallyAccept credit card payments.


  • Complete practice autonomy- setup, management, and maintenance of provider schedules.


  • Our innovative “Today” screen provides a snapshot of your business’ bottom line


  • Dynamic unpaid claims report updated every morning


  • Up-to-date summary of your AR


  • Master insurance database


  • Audit tools to improve documentation, and lower liability


  • Unlimited electronic claims and remittances


  • Color-coded ERAs: autoposting with line-item transactions


  • Overall claims acceptance rates greater than 95 percent


  • Financial Reports: Cash, Accrual, Month-end


  • Activity Reports: Full transaction analysis by user/patientDiagnosis, Referring Provider, Reimbursement analysis


  • By procedure code and payer including % of collections, and % of Medicare fees


  • Claims and payment tracking: DOS, date posted, or date payment received

Choose the Experienced Medical Billing Professionals.

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